Sensor Fun With Arduino: 1 Massive Failure, but 4 Successes - Let's Make It - Episode 6

This week on Let's Make It we have some sensor fun.  We play with 5 different sensors connected to the arduino.  And you get to watch as we have a colossal failure with one of the sensors.  We did not edit it out so you get to see the problems we had.  Funny how things stop working when it is show time.

We show you the Virtuabotix DHT11 Digital Temperature / humidity sensor, The Virtuabotix MMA7361 Three Axis Accelerometer, the HC-SR501 Human Sensor Module (motion detector), The Ultrasonic HC-SR04 Distance Sensor, and our big failure this week, the SainSmart Color Recognition / Discrimination Sensor TCS3200d / TCS230D.


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