Arduino's and Radios - Putting different pieces together - Let's Make It - Episode 52


This week we answer a number of viewer suggestions and questions. How do I make a remote scoreboard? How does 2-way communication work? Using a keypad to enter data? How do I control a sensor remotely?

The episode includes a scheme to verify that the data sent was received correctly.

Arduino Using an SD Card and Digital Signage On a Raspberry Pi - Let's Make it - Episode 50


This week we show you how to use an sd card with an arduino to log data. We also show you how read a file on the sd card, manipulate files and get details like card size, type and directory of files.

 In our second segment we show you how to turn a raspberry pi into a digital signage device. All for nothing more than the cost of the raspberry pi.

Memory Management and a Web Server with Arduino - Episode 49


This week mike survives a technology meltdown to bring some personal experiences with memory management on the Arduino, he thinks you will be surprised about how little memory there is in your sketch for the Arduino.

Ethernet And OSC On An Arduino - Let's Make It - Episode 46

This week we change studios and show you how to use either an Ethernet shield or Ethernet Arduino to connect to the network.  We then take it one step further and show you how to use the new found connectivity to communicate using the Open Sound Control protocol (OSC) to mute channels on a sound board over the ethernet connection.


LED Light Strips and the Arduino - Let's Make It - Episode 44

As Christmas is coming near and the time for lights for the holidays are coming close.  We look at how to control an entire 50ft roll of the RGB LED strips using an Arduino.  It is much easier than you probably think.

The RainbowDuino Woes - Let's Make It - Episode 41

This week we discuss some viewer emails, talk about the Udoo that mike got this week.  

Then Bob shows us the rainbowduino from Seeed Studio and talks about some of the problems he has had and also some of the things that he has still not gotten to work.

Countdown Timer With An Arduino - Episode 42


This week we create a countdown timer that can control a relay. The time is entered via a keypad and an LCD display is used for feedback and programming.

We also talk about why Mike is not shaving for the month of November, it is MoVember. Also, how bad his face is going to get by the end of the month. No Laughing please.... :)

Smart Buttons In Action - Episode 40

This week we take one of the NKK Smart Switches we showed you last week and make it do stuff.  Making it work is pretty simple, we show you just how simple in this video.

We also take a look at the Arduino Due and Arduino Ethernet.  Also, an update on the Udoo.  It is shipping and mine should be here soon.

NKK SmartSwitches and a Script Scroller - Episode 39

This week we show you the different options that are available for the NKK Smart Switches.  We have all of the different versions that are available to purchase and show you each and describe a little about each.

We also show you a controller that was built over the weekend to control a script scroller for a live show Mike did the sound engineering for.  I used 2 of the NKK lighted switches that we are using in our switcher.

We also go back a few episodes to when we made an Arduino Leonardo emulate a keyboard and a mouse.

Arduino Adventures and Surface Mount Soldering - Let's Make It - Episode 37 - -

This week we take a look at a book specifically written to teach kids the Arduino.  The book is called theArduino Adventures.  We look at a kit of parts put together specifically for this book.

Then, we take a look at my adventures in surface mount soldering with some time lapse video I created while doing some flowing of solder on boards with surface mount parts.

Stepper and DC Motor Control With Arduino - Let's Make It - Episode 36 - -


This week we use an Adafruit shield to show easy it is to control a stepper motor and a DC motor.  We use the rotary encoder from last week to control both the stepper motor and DC motor speed and direction.

NXP Semiconductors Interview and Rotary Encoders - Let's Make It - Episode 35

This week we have a jam packed episode, we have John Hull from NXP semiconductors who talks about the i2c, the protocol the history and much more. We also show how a rotary encoder works in preparation for next week's show.

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