Throughout the website I talk about different things I have out there on the internet, this page is a consolidation of all of the links I put in the site. So if you saw a link somewhere but cannot find it again, check here.


At the Gambrill Mountain Repeater site: 

At my house:

Family Tree

Here is a link to the website generated by the Family Tree software I am using:

My Dashboards

Gambrill Mountain MMDVM Repeater:

D-Star Reflector REF025:

D-Star Reflector XLX336, XRF336:

Other Dashboards

Brandmeister DMR Network:


My APRS devices on!mt=roadmap&z=11&call=a%2FK3DO%2Ca%2FK3DO%20B%2Ca%2FK3DO-B%2Ca%2FK3DO-7%2Ca%2FK3DO-2%2Ca%2FK3DO-10%2Ca%2FK3DO-11%2Ca%2FK3DO-9%2Ca%2FK3DO-R%2Cw%2F5454919898%2Ca%2FK3DO-12%2Ca%2FK3DO-14%2Ca%2FK3DO-5%2Ca%2FK3DO-15%2Ca%2FK3DO-4%2Ca%2FK3DO-3&timerange=3600&tail=3600