Arduino Using an SD Card and Digital Signage On a Raspberry Pi - Let's Make it - Episode 50


This week we show you how to use an sd card with an arduino to log data. We also show you how read a file on the sd card, manipulate files and get details like card size, type and directory of files.

 In our second segment we show you how to turn a raspberry pi into a digital signage device. All for nothing more than the cost of the raspberry pi.

Memory Management and a Web Server with Arduino - Episode 49


This week mike survives a technology meltdown to bring some personal experiences with memory management on the Arduino, he thinks you will be surprised about how little memory there is in your sketch for the Arduino.

LED Light Strips and the Arduino - Let's Make It - Episode 44

As Christmas is coming near and the time for lights for the holidays are coming close.  We look at how to control an entire 50ft roll of the RGB LED strips using an Arduino.  It is much easier than you probably think.

The RainbowDuino Woes - Let's Make It - Episode 41

This week we discuss some viewer emails, talk about the Udoo that mike got this week.  

Then Bob shows us the rainbowduino from Seeed Studio and talks about some of the problems he has had and also some of the things that he has still not gotten to work.

USB Keyboard/Mouse Emulation With An Arduino - Let's make It - Episode 34

This week we show you how to make the Arduino act like a keyboard and/or a mouse so that you can build your own controller for your computer.  In this example we use a joystick as the mouse and 4 buttons to show how you can send keyboard commands.

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Input/Output Expansion With An Arduino - Let's Make It - Episode 31 - -

So what do you do if the inputs and outputs on your Arduino are not enough for you and you need to add more.  In this episode we talk about just one of the ways.  We introduce you to a 16 bit I/O chip that runs over i2C.  You can put up to 8 of these chips on the i@c bus to add 112 I/O ports to your Arduino using just 2 pins on the Arduino itself.

The chip we demonstrate is a Microchip MCP23017.  You can get that chip from our online store at

Multiplexing with 14-segment display - Let's Make It - Episode 29

This week we go through multiplexing.  Bob gives us a presentation that he gave last weekend on how multiplexing works and how to use an arduino timer to help with the multiplexing.

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XMBC On A Pi - Let's Make It - Episode 27 -

This week we walk through the steps to install XBMC on a Raspberry Pi to make your own inexpensive media center.  Then we show you just some of what the Xbox Media Center can do.

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Infrared Learning Remote - Let's Make It - Episode 26

This week we show how you can make an infrared learning remote with an Arduino.  You will be amazed how simple and how few parts are actually needed to make this work.

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LCD Thermostat - Let's Make It - Episode 25

This week we show you how to read a temperature sensor then we build a Thermostat that monitors the temperature and turns on the AC, Heat or Emergency Heat.  Then we take it one step further and turn that same thermostat into a wireless thermostat using Zigbee to control the remote control unit.

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LED Arrays - Let's Make It - Episode 24

This week we talk about how to use the feature packed shift register we used on the multiple 7 segment displays 2 weeks to control an LED array.

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