Live or Memorex? - New Media Tech - Episode 6

This week we cover a number of subject for new broadcasters of new media.  Should you start out doing live shows or just recording them?  What is better to start off with, audio only go directly to broadcasting video?

Many more subjects like this.

Another ATEM iPad App, NAB, New Host and more - New Media Tech - Episode 5

This week, we look at a new iPad app for the Black Magic Design ATEM.  I found this right after I recorded last weeks episode.  NAB is coming up, what is the big stuff this year at NAB?

Google Reader is going away...  What does that mean for feedburner?

Looking for a co-host


Black Magic Design ATEM - New Media Tech - Episode 4

In this episode we go over how our Black Magic Design ATEM is hooked up and how it works.  We show you the computer control software and even some custom software that we created to control the ATEM from an iPad.

The very first episode of the New Media Tech show

This is our very first episode of New Media Tech.  It was the first show that we actually recorded in the new studio.  That was over 2 months ago.  Then we got busy with the other shows and never did an episode 2.  Well now we are ready to start doing weekly shows.

When I went back and looked at this episode, I can see so many things that have been improved upon.  I think you will notice a big change from this very first episode to Episode 2.