Breaking - 80,000,000 Home Routers Vulnerable, Are You One Of Them?

In this very short episode we talk about the uPNP vulnerability that is affecting 80,000,000 home routers.  We also provide you a link to see if you are one of the vulnerable 80,000,000 on the internet.

Special thanks to Steve Gibson of Gibson Research for creating the tool to check your router.  It only takes seconds and is painless.

Super Bowl to Super Hackers - Security Decoded - Episode 3

In this episode of Security Decoded Dennis, John and Mike talk about the weeks security news including items like the NY Times, Wall Street Journal and Washington Post infiltrations, the Twitter hack and what does that really mean, creepy new Android malware that jumps from your phone to your PC, Massive new method for credit card fraud, sleepy malware and quite a few more topics.


Then we jump into Java and talk about all of the recent vulnerabilities and can you really live without it on your machine.


This is a great episode and we cover a ton of subjects.