Programming Basics #3 - The Program - Episode 3 - -

This is our last week covering programming basics.  Next week we jump right into Python.  If you have not watched Programming Basics #1 and #2, go watch them now.  Mike has the theory that if you understand what is happening under the covers you can learn any language quickly.

Programming Basics #2 - The Program - Episode 2 - -

This is week #2 of the programming basics.  We are covering the basics of computer programming so that when we get into our first language you have enough background so that you can follow along.  There are some basics that every programming language has and having that background will help when we get to the actual languages.

Programming Basics #1 - The Program - Episode 1 - -

In our first week we are starting from the very beginning of programming.  The first 3 weeks start from the very beginning and describes concepts that are common to all programming languages.