Link Shorteners - Security 101 - Episode 16

We have all seen link shortenters around the internet, in fact if you have ever used twitter you have probably seen a ton of them.  They are things like

Link shorteners themselves are not dangerous, but what the shortened link points to can be.  We talk more about these in this weeks security 101.

Rumors and Scams - Security 101 - Episode 15

How many rumors and possible scams have you heard about?  I am sure hundreds, everybody has.  How many "wives tails" have you heard?

There is a site you can go to on the internet that keeps track of all these things so you can go get supporting or refutal evidence, etc.  It is a neat site to just look through too.

Bottom line, do not trust everything you read on the internet.  Give a look.

Browser Toolbars - Security 101 - Episode 13

This week we tell you what to be cautious of when using browser toolbars.  So many people have browser toolbars stacked on top of other toolbars then complain about how slow their machine is.  That is not considering what the toolbar could be tracking about you.  We talk about all of this and more in detail in this episode of security 101.

What Is Your IOS Device Telling People About You? - Security 101

This week we show you how you can be a safer when posting from your IOS devices.  Did you know it may be telling people where you are?  We show you how to check and to stop it while leaving the the services you like that need to know where you are working.

Security 101 - Ransomware

Ransom Ware is becoming more and more popular.  I recently heard someone say they paid 3 times to have their machines fixed because they got infected.  What they did not realize is they were paying the very people that infected them in the first place.

This week we are going to explain Ransom Ware, some of the new and very scary techniques these malware authors are using to get money out of you.