Time Lapse Camera Controller - Let's Make It - Episode 33

This week we are going to build a time lapse camera controller with an Arduino, but before we get into the weeks project, we have a couple of viewer emails we are going to review.  Garage Door control must be the hot topic recently because all of the viewer emails this week are around garage door controls.

For Show Notes go to: http://tech-zen.tv/episodes/shows/make-it-work/episodes/time-lapse-camera-controller-episode-33

RFID With An Arduino - Let's Make It - Episode 15

 This week we take an RFID reader and attach it to an arduino.  We first show you how the RFID reader works by sending in the TAGID on the RFID Tag.  Then we are going to take our project from episode 11 that takes keypad input and attach the RFID reader to create a 2 factor authentication system to simulate allowing access into a secure space.

 For Show Notes go to: http://tech-zen.tv/episodes/shows/make-it-work/episodes/rfid-with-an-arduino-episode-15