Text Shortcuts in OSX Mavericks And On Your iDevice - MacMinute - Episode 65


You know those text shortcuts that make the small keyboard of your phone tolerable, things like OMW for on my way. You can use those same shortcuts in OSX Mavericks and now they even sync between your phone and OSX Mavericks. Add a new one on your phone and it is also on your desktop. We show you how it works.

Sharing Maps from OSX to your iDevice and Friends - MacMinute - Episode 64


With all these new features in OSX Mavericks, many of them are designed for sharing. This week we are going to go take another look at the new Maps app and see how you can share your directions directly to your iDevice so you can grab it and go. We will also show you how you can share with your friends and social media.

What Is Using Your Location - MacMinute - Episode 52

The Mac also uses your location for some the services it provides like maps, photos and more.  Just like on your iDevice, you can tell if something is using your location by looking for the little triangle shaped arrow in the top right bar.  We show you how to see what is using your location and also how to turn off the ability to read your location.

Find Out What is Using Your Battery in Mavericks - MacMinute - Episode 50

This week we continue to take a look at some the new features of Mavericks.  We take a look at how you can see what is using your battery by looking at the new feature that was added in Mavericks.