Arduino's and Radios - Putting different pieces together - Let's Make It - Episode 52


This week we answer a number of viewer suggestions and questions. How do I make a remote scoreboard? How does 2-way communication work? Using a keypad to enter data? How do I control a sensor remotely?

The episode includes a scheme to verify that the data sent was received correctly.

More LCD and I2C fun with the Arduino - Let's Make It - Episode 5

This week we continue the LCD discussion and show you how we got a serial (I2C) interface to an LCD to work.  We also show you a graphical display and the start of a new library we are creating for it.

We also, ordered and received since our last show the LCD shield from sainsmart.  We show you the simple change you need to make to the sample sketches to get them to work with this shield.  Also, how they implemented to buttons to save the number of pins used.