Security 101 - Protect Your Android Phone

With Android the most popular smartphone operating system out there, malware authors are hitting it hard as well.  There are some serious issues with Android and malware.  Mostly because the android operating system is open source and the google play store is also very open.

Security 101 - Ransomware

Ransom Ware is becoming more and more popular.  I recently heard someone say they paid 3 times to have their machines fixed because they got infected.  What they did not realize is they were paying the very people that infected them in the first place.

This week we are going to explain Ransom Ware, some of the new and very scary techniques these malware authors are using to get money out of you.

Security 101 - Drive By Downloads

In our very first episode we talked about drive by downloads and how they can infect your machine in just milliseconds after arriving at the site.  We had questions about the drive by downloading so we are going to describe what is drive by downloading and how it puts you at risk.