Big News Week - New Media Tech - Episode 26 - -

We have some exciting news this week.  At first it may not sound like good news but it really is.  Just be sure to watch Broacast Now on the on Tuesday afternoons.

How Do You Keep Up With Social Media? - New Media Tech - Episode 21

This week is a mashup of a bunch of different topics, Mike shows a new video switching control surface he is working on, talks about some of the new shows that are coming up, social media and gives an update on monetizing your shows.


The Internet Broadcast Community - New Media Tech - Episode 19 -

This week Mike talks about how to get involved in the Internet Broadcasting community and meet other broadcasters and talk some geek.  This weeks episode is shorter than normal because Mike is technically on vacation.

The Barely Legal Episode - New Media Tech - Episode 18

This week we finally tell you about what we have been hinting about and introduce you to  Also, we walk through how and what a Gate and Compressor is on your audio gear and what they do and how to set them.  And we let you hear what they do too.

Getting video into a computer, More Changes in the studio - New Media Tech - Episode 15

This week we are going to tip our toes into the video side of creating a podcast.  We are going to show you 2 different pieces of hardware that can be used to get video into a computer.  We also talk about some more of the changes that are going on in the studio.

Changes in the Studio and Distributing Your Podcast - New Media Tech - Episode 14

This week we talk about some of the changes we have been making around the studio and start talking about how to distribute your podcast.  Also, we talk some more about the audio vs video decision.

Upgrading Your Editing Software - New Media Tech - Episode 13

This week we have a short one, our plan to show the new connectivity with the Atem and Wirecast is not yet ready, but we still cover a couple of news items and upgrading your audio software to the next level.  That is the next step in the next level for audio podcasting.

Expanding to using a sound board - New Media Tech - Episode 12

This week we talk about the when and how of upgrading to using a sound board instead of something like a USB mic or other audio input device, how to pick the right size and type of sound board for your needs and your budget.


Plus we have a few news items that we cover this week also.

Getting Audio Into Your Computer For Broadcasting - New Media Tech - Episode 11 -

This week we talk about some options for getting audio into your computer to broadcast it.  No matter if you are broadcasting with video or just audio, you still have to have a way to get audio into your computer.

Last week we talked all about Microphones and this week we talk about how to get them into your computer.  We start with a device that is less than $5 and work our way up.

BTW...  If you think Mike’s right eye looks a little swollen, you would be correct.  It is not a shiner from a fight, he was stung by a Honey Bee just above the right eye as he was putting them into their new home.  But the show must go on!

Back In The Studio and Week 1 Of Our Intro to Netcasting - New Media Tech - Episode 9

This week we are back in the studio.  We talk about some of the changes that have happened since we last recorded.  Also, we start on our first week of our intro to netcasting.

A multi-camera recording and edit App for iPhone and iPad - New Media Tech - Episode 8

This week we review another app that allows you to use iphones and ipads to record multi camera and generate a complete switched video. The app has a weird name, it is called vizzywig.

Live or Memorex? - New Media Tech - Episode 6

This week we cover a number of subject for new broadcasters of new media.  Should you start out doing live shows or just recording them?  What is better to start off with, audio only go directly to broadcasting video?

Many more subjects like this.

Another ATEM iPad App, NAB, New Host and more - New Media Tech - Episode 5

This week, we look at a new iPad app for the Black Magic Design ATEM.  I found this right after I recorded last weeks episode.  NAB is coming up, what is the big stuff this year at NAB?

Google Reader is going away...  What does that mean for feedburner?

Looking for a co-host


Black Magic Design ATEM - New Media Tech - Episode 4

In this episode we go over how our Black Magic Design ATEM is hooked up and how it works.  We show you the computer control software and even some custom software that we created to control the ATEM from an iPad.