TeamViewer To Replace LogMeIn

I have been a long time user of LogMeIn.  When I say a long time, since it was released.  After all of those years I had more than 50 machines in my account because I do a lot of remote support for family and friends.

A little while back I got the notification that the maximum number of computer I could have was 10 unless I wanted to pay about $200 a year.  I did reluctantly end up paying the annual fee for a year.

A few weeks back a couple of friends introduced me to TeamViewer.  After playing with it some it is a nice piece of software.  It works differently than logmein but also has some more features.

After I adjusted to the differences on how it worked and how it was structured I really liked what it could do.  It is a more than adequate replacement for logmein.  So I am moving all of the computers that are in logmein to teamviewer.

Teamviewer is free for non commercial use which all that I use it for.  There is a minor nag message at the end of every remote control session reminding you that it is free for only non commercial usage, but that is no big deal.

So I am preparing to say goodbye to LogMeIn for good, it has worked well for me and I hope that TeamViewer works just as well.