Call Sign Change

Today I got my official vanity callsign from the FCC.  My new callsign is KB3MM.  Of course you know the MM is for Mike Myers.  I am still going to try to get a 1x2 or 2x1 call sign but they are hard to come by and take some time.  So no longer am I KC3ELZ, I am now KB3MM.  Now I need to figure out where all I need to change the information.

Plus, I have to figure out how to tell D-Star my new call sign.  I have been spending a lot of time on D-Star and really enjoy it, but it is a bit more complicated than regular FM or AM communications.  But it is really cool that I can sit around the house with a handy talkie and talk to people all over the world and it sounds like they are sitting right next to me.

It may take me some time to change my mind from Kilo Charlie Three Echo Lima Zulu to Kilo Bravo Three Mike Mike when I ID on nets, sorry in advance to anyone if I butcher that initially.