No more Fedex Shipping For Me, They Owe Me a Tablet

Ok, it is time for another rant.  My title says it all...  So why have I lost total trust in Fedex?  Let me tell you a story...

I recently ordered a 10" Android tablet to do some testing of my apps on a larger screen device.  A few days later I get a call from my wife telling me that when she backed out of the garage she heard this crunch.  Yep, she just backed out over the new tablet.

Now, it is not her fault, after all, when you get in your car that is parked in your garage, do you walk behind it to see if there is a package that you are going to drive over?  I surely don't and should not have to.  The Fedex guy is just too lazy to walk the extra 20 feet to put it on the front porch.  He put it right up to the garage door, even the backup camera didn't see it.

The front porch is covered too so it is protected from weather.  Two days after this incident, another package was left the same place in the rain.  The box was ruined from the rain, fortunately, what was in the package was a plastic bottle of cleaner that did not get damaged from the water.  Had it been electronics like most packages are that arrive here, it probably would have been ruined.

My wife and I work at home quite a bit and more than 90% of the time there is someone home that he could have handed the package too (at the front door of course).

So, back to the story at hand...  I called Fedex to put in a claim.  The person on the phone was not rude but also made the process very difficult.  He put in a claim and said I would get a letter in 5 - 10 business days asking for evidence of damage and evidence of the cost I was claiming.  Ok, sounds good so far.

I got a letter in the mail as promissed however this letter was not asking for anything, in fact it was telling me my claim was denied.  Ok, now I am starting to get angry but I had not talked to anyone yet about it.  I was not even given the opportunity to provide the evidence which is still sitting on my bar countertop.  The crushed shipping box, the crushed product box the the crushed tablet that is even bent backwards.  How is that for evidence.  Oh, and the shipping box has the fedex information on it.

Tonight I call Fedex and the person was rude and basically said we denied it, go away now.  So, the lazy Fedex driver cost me a tablet.  How can I trust anything I ship to a company that treats customers like they do not matter?

So...  What would you do?